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Accounting: the language of business

Accounting is simply the codification of economics for use within a commercial context. It is NOT conceptually difficult. Poorly taught, it can prove a little confusing. Since we're all experienced in teaching accounting properly and we're all here only to facilitate your learning, you'll find that we make it easy. Lot's of it but easy.

Accounting forms the basis for the entirety of what constitutes and drives such concepts as earnings (aka, "the bottom line"), value, net worth, etc. That's the "short version." Moreover, EVERYTHING "reported" by IT reflects accounting, so it is NOT just financial statements.

That said, our isa-core focuses upon what's known as traditional accounting. We have to, if for no other reason than there is so much that you'll be expected to know in business. You'll have plenty of time to learn, but, it's still quite a bit. Further learning is also dependent upon your accounting knowledge.

For instance, our finance modules depend heavily upon your understanding of financial statements and the financial statement implications of economic events. Though it likely won't mean much to you at the moment, those economic events are exogenous variables with impact upon both our endogenous variables and our financial model(s).