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Presentations & Communicating

MBA programs have dumbed-down the quant content and bumped-up the smiley-face, PC content. The approach has spawned superficial, static "analysis" presented with little more than insipid smiles. Under the watchful tuteledge of cloistered academics, students learn to rely upon "reader" slides and "death by PowerPoint." Obviously, that's a sure-fire way to put your audience to sleep. Worse, these students tend to not have a hope of producing significant analysis on-the-fly. All that, of course, is just fine from your perspective: point, game, set, match. You can and will do better -- far better.

You'll present insightful analysis (later, along with your well conceived specific recommendations) in an engaging but low-key manner. You will rapidly become very good at this because our method fits perfectly with our analytical approach and your analytical abilities. Most importantly, you'll have learned to anticipate ALL significant questions and know exactly what the answers are. However, you'll not offer up your insight nor, of course, are you going to get into a fight over it.

Instead, you'll say, "That's a really good (great, insightful, brilliant, clever) question, let's explore the impact of those possibilities." You, of course, will have incorporated live, interactive means to perturbate your model and anticipated those "brilliant" questions and explored them in detail. (Remember: The best ad lib is the one that you rehearse the night before.)


* Again: You'll win no points for making someone look stupid in order to prove that you're bright. Don't become regarded as a PITA. Concentrate upon building your career. In line with that, you can count upon people asking you to show them how to do something or other. Do it. Of course, you might want to make sure that your boss is okay with your doing so, as it is your boss who pays YOUR salary. It doesn't hurt to SUBTLY let said boss know that you're in demand, either.