Quantitative Business Analysis







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Quantitative Business Analysis

In our view, real quantitative business analysis hasn't been taught in MBA programs since the late-1960's. This is neither the time nor place to belabor the point. However, briefly, accounting, finance, and quant-profs used to always be practitioners. Period. Thanks to the "Foundation Reports," these folk were forced out of academia ... along with a host of PhD-holding, real-world experienced professors, the majority, lamentably, from accounting. Exit experience; exit reality.

Virtually all MBA programs have grossly dumbed-down the quant content. Calculus, e.g., used to be a prerequisite at any good school. Today, the analytical component of nearly all schools has become laughable.

Here, you'll learn real-world analytics using real-world datasets from folk who teach based upon real-world experience. No, there won't be any "war stories," but it's not hard to tell when someone has first-hand knowledge versus....

Most modules are couched entirely in Excel with add-ins. We do that for three reasons. First, you're likely to have Excel available and your employer will expect you to use it. Second, you're likely to be familiar with Excel, though, if you study with us, you'll know a lot more. Third, unless you're very lucky and/or already well established within your firm, you'll find that you'll get far less "push-back" if you stick with Excel* rather than spin DIY code.

Yes, some of Excel's functions (matrix, for instance) are pretty lame, but we generally have ways around these shortcomings without having to resort to MATLAB or C++. Anyway, your objective is enhancing your career. Being a team player is the surest approach, initially. "Wear" the team "uniform" where appropriate.


* You'll win no points for making someone look stupid in order to prove that you're bright. The best that such an approach can garner is becoming regarded as a bright PITA. That's not the way to build a career ... irrespective of how much some folk deserve a shot below the waterline.