Mastering Business Analytics: The real MBA for career success, Step-by-Step


A straightforward tutorial in plain English.

Analytics: The cure for flabby thinking. (Under construction!)
The surest route to success lies in thinking clearly and making certain one's done the homework.

"Nobody ever 'growed' a hog by weighin' it," applies as much in Brazil as baja Kansas, but, it collides with another universal truth: "What gets measured, gets done." Since we're interested in, "getting things done," we'll tend to err on the side of "weighing." We shall, though, avoid either errant or excess weighing ... and THAT will make a world of difference.

As noted, copycat strategy is a non-strategy. Similarly, copycat analytics and/or metrics are no better. We must understand what we need to know and determine what we need to do in order to obtain that knowledge. Quite simply, that lies entirely within the realm of analytics.