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A straightforward tutorial in plain English.

Endgame / Exit Strategy (Under construction!)
Mindset-Orientation-Goal / Endgame
not just a belief statement/segment(?) ... knowledge of your destination

Endgame (or Exit Strategy) drives Strategy. If we didn't know where we were going, how could we begin to offer a considered opinion as to how to get there?

Simply put, Strategy rests upon Endgame.

Sales goals NOT an endgame
NOT: “Increase Sales by 20%” or “produce 1000 additional error-free widgets per week.” These MIGHT be milestones, but they are NOT Endgames nor CERTAINLY are they “strategies.”

MUST be expressed to include both a “sum certain” AND a “date certain.” What are we going to accomplish, how will we know when we have accomplished it, and when will we achieve it?

“Time Out” (?) for organizational alignment (realignment)
= = => understand organization from top-to-bottom.

Goal / Aim