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A straightforward tutorial in plain English.

China: The new WalMart (Under construction!)
We've created both PowerPoint & straightforward Excel models. In addition to providing contextual relevance, they should help you better understand some of the, perhaps, more obscure points. The focus remains upon the executive role. However, we've chosen to risk including too much than leave you wishing for a more detailed explanation.

For contextual consistency, we've chosen to use a single industry for our stalking-horse. For accessibility, we intentionally chose an industry which is familiar to virtually everyone.*

You might bridle at our industry source, but before choosing to ignore it as too mundane and too foreign, consider these points:

These firms typically maintain sales inventories with sku's in excess of 35K.
These firms are ALL conglomerates with an extensive mix of manufacturing and non-manufacturing activities.
Inventory holding costs are extremely critical to survival.

Oh, where you read, "WalMart," you might want to mentally substitute "China" ... and then reconsider the relevance ....


* We chose supermarkets for our stalking horse for broad accessibility; who hasn't been in a supermarket? In contrast, we deemed plumbing target-costing design intricacies for house-sized hydroelectric plant rotors or strategic marketing issues peculiar to big-ticket oncological units likely stood to lose more in accessibility than gain in glamour.